About Andres Omar Sotillo

The founder and director of Barnett Capital Bank in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Andres Omar Sotillo is an experienced executive who has worked in senior positions in the banking industry in the U.S., Venezuela, and the Caribbean. At Barnett Capital Bank, which caters to corporations and high net worth customers, Andres Omar Sotillo leads implementation of compliance procedures.

Prior to founding Barnett, Mr. Sotillo founded Davos International Bank in Antigua and Barbuda, and served as its chief executive officer. He oversaw financial and data reporting, and created long-term, strategic plans for the bank to maximize profitability. Within four years, he led the company to a net income growth of 50%. While running Davos International Bank, he also served Davos Financial Group in Miami, where he worked as director and partner for 14 years. He managed the Finance and Operations Department and was responsible for client portfolios totaling over $300 million.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Mr. Sotillo has completed training seminars on several finance topics at the Swiss Bank Corporation in Geneva, as well as seminars at the New York Institute of Finance and the Florida International Bank Association. He holds a bachelor of science in business administration.


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